About NJP Engineering

Nick Paulick founded NJP Engineering after a brief hiatus from the tank trailer industry. This "break" provided the insight that the industry still needed engineers that were not only experienced and qualified but (often more importantly) AVAILABLE to provide the services required in the aftermarket. Most engineers in the industry work directly for individual manufacturers and cannot always serve the market due to commercial restrictions or work priorities.

Thus, to fill this apparent gap in service, Nick founded NJP Engineering, committed to providing quality engineering services and assisting in solving the many challenges unique to the liquid bulk transportation industry. Nick has over 20 years of engineering experience in this industry, including MC331, DOT406, 407, and 412 tank trailer design, certification, repair, and modification.

After a few years of building this work through "moonlighting" contracts, NJP Engineering has offered these services full-time since 2016. Furthermore, we have expanded our capabilities to include the design and certification of ASME Section VIII-1 pressure vessels and other fabrication designs!


  • Professional Engineer, registered in the State of Wisconsin
  • Registered Design Certifying Engineer per 49 CFR part 107
  • Registered Design Engineer per CSA Standard B620 Clause 8.1.5

Other Qualifications

Nick has given presentations on topics ranging from heat transfer to tank trailer aerodynamics to tank trailer recertification issues. He has worked with TTMA to update and develop technical bulletins and recommended practices. He currently serves on the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes and Standards Committee XII, working to develop a new section of the ASME Code specific to transportation vessels.


Our Business

NJP Engineering LLC is registered in the State of Wisconsin and is authorized to function as an Engineering Corporation.