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Interpretation on Rings

11/25/14 - You may or may not be aware of the flap surrounding some vessels...

Clarification on Mounting Pad Requirements

PHMSA has issued a memo clarifying the requirements for attaching structural members and appurtenances in...

Clarification on 6″ Bumper (REPD) Clearance Requirement

9/22/14 - PHMSA has issued a memo clarifying the 6" clearance rule in 178.345-8(d)(1). Basically,...

Clarification (?) on DOT-412 Tanks Intended to Be Loaded by Vacuum

PHMSA has issued an interpretation on the regulatory requirements for a tank that is intended...

ATRI Releases Rollover Data

ATRI (the American Transportation Research Institute) released findings in early May related to its study...