UPDATE on Incorporation of ASME Section XII (HM-241)

4/29/16 – DOT has published supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking on the incorporation of Section XII (HM-241). View it here). As the previous ANPRM indicated, the use of ASME Section XII (and the related NBIC 2013 rules) will be optional. However, if a tank is built to Section XII, it is still required that the NBIC 2013 rules be applied. Thus, the industry will drive the transition to the new rules. Of course, this now adds the complication of having two different types of rules in place, and I suspect carriers will end up (eventually) in a position of having to deal with the new rules sooner or later, if this goes through as published. Note these comments are mine alone and do not represent those of ASME or any other party. The comment period for this rule closed on June 28, 2016. To view public comments, go here. I provided comments to the ANPRM in 2011 and on this version on 5/23/16.. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!